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 WOU PG SA Survey

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Number of posts : 3
Location : Penang
Intake : Jan 2007
Degree Taken : Management
Registration date : 2007-07-16

WOU PG SA Survey Empty
PostSubject: WOU PG SA Survey   WOU PG SA Survey EmptySat Aug 16, 2008 10:39 pm

Name: ____________________

School/programme (School of Science & Technology, School of Business & Administrative, School of Foundation, MBA): _______________________________________________________________

1. When you enroll in your study with WOU?
(1) Jan 2007 (2) Jul 2007 (3) Jan 2008 (4) Jul 2008

2. Are you aware of the existence of WOU PG Student Association (WOU-PG SA)?
(1) Yes (2) No

3. How well you know about Penang SA in WOU?
(1) Very Well (2) Well (3) Not well (4) Nothing

4. How you come across SA committee in WOU?
(1) Via Student Centre/RO/Notice Board (2) Other Students (3) During Orientation Day (4) SA Committee members

5. Are you aware of the activities which organized by SA - "Get-to-know-you Night", Line Dance, badminton?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Some

6. Would you like to be informed about the activities organized by SA?
(1) Yes-most of time I can join (2) No-I am usually busy (3) Yes-but maybe I can't join

7. Do you wish to participate to organize any of SA activities?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Depending on time/types of event

8. In what way do you need SA's assistance ? What and how?

9. What you expect SA can do for you?

10. Do you know how to contact any of the SA committee member, by:
(1) Email (2) Contact posted at student centre/RO/notice board (3) Know some of the committee members

11. What types of activities are you looking forward to?
(1) Tour (2) Academic training (3) Teambuilding program (4) Self-improvement training

12. When will be the appropriate time for you to join SA's activities?
(1) Week day evening (2) Week-end (3) Only semester break (4) Most time can accommodate

13. How would you like SA to communicate with you?
(1) Via email (2) Mobile phone (3) Notice board at WOU Student Service Centre

Any suggestion to improve SA functions: _____________________

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WOU PG SA Survey
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