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 Doubt on passing mark criteria

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Doubt on passing mark criteria Empty
PostSubject: Doubt on passing mark criteria   Doubt on passing mark criteria EmptyMon Aug 06, 2007 3:06 pm

I would like to seek an advise from WOU or anyone's on WOU regarding passing mark on course subject. I understand from student handbooks, in order to pass the subject ie; bahasa,u math,computing, we need to pass our TMA and also final exam.

Scenario 1: If pass TMA and fail final exam, is it consider fail totally with an F in final results ??

Scenario 2: If fail TMA and pass final exam, is it also consider fail totally with an F in final results ??

Scenario 3: If fail TMA (20mark) and fail exam (20mark), is it consider fail or pass? because the total mark is equal to 40mark which is the minimum passing mark for some subject.

Please advise thanks..

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Doubt on passing mark criteria
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